Our Story

Cacher Studios creates odor-proof handmade leather stash bags.

Derived from French word caché, meaning hidden, Cacher Studios embodies the definition by concealing pungent odors with a carbon fiber lining through our handmade, premium leather stash bags.

Cacher Studios was established in 2017 and continues to operate out of our offices in NYC.

Our objective has always been to create the best premium cannabis lifestyle products. We relentlessly investigate our source materials from sustainable leather craftsmen and artisans, and partner only with those who align with our core beliefs and values.

Since Cacher Studios' inception, we have maintained the highest quality approach to design and production. Our team of designers and artisans work out of our NYC office and in our production facility in Italy, where they research and conceptualize innovative new product ideas, and create prototypes.

We only source our materials from the most reputable suppliers across the globe.